All About Oklahoma!

Oklahoma is a great place for hunters and fishers. If you found yourself here looking for a worthwhile experience to fish and hunt but are confused about where to go, don’t worry this article will make you familiar with its hunting and fishing locations in the blink of an eye.

Fishing Locations

Lake TexomaLake Texoma is a great place for anglers. It is located in the Oklahoma and Texas border is one of the largest made reservoirs in the USA. Many anglers come here because it is one of the most infamous fishing locations for striped bass. In the summer, fishes of different species popular among anglers live here such as the rare striped bass, catfish alligator gar, and crappie.Lake EufaulaLake Eufaula is Oklahoma’s largest lake. This a great fishing location because the lake proudly lives up to its title by being the dwelling place of various fishes. Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, blue catfish, channel catfish, and white catfish can be easily caught here. The nature of the water is friendly and makes it an ideal spot for amateur anglersQuanah Parker LakeIf you’re looking for a fishing locations which offers wonderful and abundant fish at the same time then consider going to Quanah Parker Lake. Family fishing experiences are always great here and the surroundings, showcasing the beauty of mother nature, fishing luck as you set those baits on the water. Wading is allowed, be sure to bring floaters, swimming vests, buoyant vests, and life jackets aside from fishing rods. Also, be sure to bring your own bait since the administrators extremely prohibit taking them from the lake.

Hunting Locations

Honobia Creek Wildlife Management AreaHonobia creek wildlife management area is a great place to hunt for quail, bobwhites, deer, black bears and wild turkeys. Its clear cut edges are the best location to hunt for bobwhites and quails. Heading deep will provide you more action as you hunt for deer, black bears, and wild turkeys in its 76,000 acres of land area. The McGee Creek ReservoirWithin McGee Creek reservoir is a 9000 acre hunting location made of a dense rainforest. The hunting area has designated camping locations if you’re planning to stay for a couple of days. Deer hunters will love this place for the population of white tail deer are abundant. Other animals that can be hunted are eastern wild turkeys and cottontail rabbits.Black Kettle National GrasslandIf you’re planning to hunt in the prairies of Oklahoma then Black Kettle National Grassland is the place to go. Mixed grass dominates this spectacular hunting ground and attracts coyotes, rabbits, quail, and raccoon. If you are lucky enough, enjoy the view as doves fly all over the place during their peak migration. Also, since the area is a grassland, is wary of the possibility of encountering a snake. Primitive camping is welcome if you prefer to stay away from crowded camping areas and want to enjoy some time alone looking at summer’s wonderful night sky.