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The Girls

Flamstone Flemenca (Tufty) - Usual 23

Tufty came all the way to Scotland from Salisbury, Wiltshire. She is a very loving little girl. She has done well in the show ring, but has only been shown 3 times. See my show news page for more details.
Tufty Photograph

Flamstone Northern Light (Smokey) - Usual Silver 23s

After having Tufty for 6 weeks I decided I should get her a playmate. So back down to Salisbury I went to collect Smokey.

Smokey is an affectionate girl who likes to talk to the birds or any other "prey" through the window!
Smokey Photograph

They get on well together and now work as a team to get up to mischief. They have the run of the house. They are kept solely indoors and manage to get a good speed up through the house, so get plenty of exercise.

Tufty and Smokey Photograph
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