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Flamstone Northern Light - came up trumps and gained her first CC at the Northern Counties Cat Club show, in County Durham (Sept 2005). One down only another 2 to go....

Rintinaby Red Herring - had a great day at the Northern Counties Cat Club show, in County Durham (Sept 2005)

Red did very well at her first show, at just over 14 weeks old she won her Open class & gained Best of Breed. She also won another 2 Firsts in two of the side classes. In the other side class with 8 other kittens she got placed 2nd.

A great day out for her first show.

Rintinaby Red Herring - did it again! This time at the Supreme Show in Birmingham (November 2005).

The Supreme show is a different style of show and this didn't phase Red. Long journey and an early start, curtains to play with, all great fun for a little kitten.

The Supreme operates ring judging where the cats are taken from their individual pens to a ring and then judged infront of the public. Despite it being so busy and crowded, Red didn't bother. She actually looked up and looked at the crowd of onlookers. You could see her think "they're watching me" and then she played to the audience!

She won first & Best of Breed. By winning Best of Breed she went on to the next round and competed against other kittens for Best of Variety. She was beaten by a lovely Devon Rex, but a good experience for her.

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