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The Neuters

Imperial Grand Premier Rintinaby Red Herring
Red is called Rintinaby Red Herring as initially I thought she was a boy. It is tricky to sex kittens at an early age.
Premier Rintinaby Red Herring
Rintinaby Red Herring Red is a very affectionate, purry girl, she loves cuddles and has to be in the same room as you. It is very rare if she stays where she is when I go off to do something somewhere else in the house! Red has been busy on the show scene, doing very well. She gained her Premier title in 3 straight shows and then went on to win her 3 Grand Premier certificates. Over a longer period against stiff competion she has now gained her fifth Imperial certificate! So now she has become my first Imperial Grand Premier.
Rintinaby Champagnecharlie
Rintinaby Champagnecharlie

Champagne Charlie is a drink made from champagne & apricot brandy. I opted for this name as the base hair of a Sorrel Abyssinian should be bright apricot.
Charlie lives up to her name in other respects she's daft and always up to mischief - you might say a proper Charlie! When she stops doing stuff she is loving and pesters you for cuddles. She loves water and will drink from the tap if she can get away with it.

Charlie has only been to one show so far and Red beat her! She'll get another outing one day soon.
Rintinaby Champagnecharlie
Red & Charlie
Red & Charlie Red & Charlie
Red & Charlie get on well together they can be quite often found curled up together. They wander through the house with Tufty & Smokey like a little gang, one by one they all appear.
Photos by Krissi Lundgren and Christine Leith
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