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We had the first Rintinaby litter of kittens from Tufty at the end of May 2005.

Tufty had 4 Sorrel kittens on 31 May 2005. "Mum" was slow at getting the idea of what she was meant to be doing, but we all learned from the experience.

The second Rintinaby litter arrived on 28th March 2006. Smokey had 4 kittens , a couple of days late, but worth the wait. Smokey broke the duck and had a mixture. 2 Silver girls, 1 Silver boy & 1 Usual boy. Smokey was a great mum and looked after them well.

I created a photo gallery of their progress.

Apologies for the strange order of the photos, I had it sussed out why it's happening, but it's gone a bit odd agaiin, I'll eventually get round to correcting it....

The kittens have all gone to their new homes and have settled in well and running their new owners ragged!

More kittens are planned soon, keep an eye out for updates.

Tufty  &  Smokey's Kittens Photograph
Smokey's Kittens Page
Tufty and Kittens Photograph
Tufty's Kittens Page
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