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Breed Information

Abyssinian Characteristics
With its exquisite, ticked coat, and lithe, muscular appearance, the Aby is a beauty to behold. If you want a cat who looks like it's just stepped out of the wild, but with a steady, reliable temperament, then the Abyssinian is the breed for you!

Aby kittens are extremely active: no windowsill or curtain is sacred. They see the whole of their surroundings as a playground designed entirely to meet with their needs! The Aby does not seem to outgrow this playful behaviour, always retaining a sense of fun! Many Abys love to play "fetch" and are quick to learn tricks. Many Abys also have a fascination of water, often found on the edge of the bath or in the sink.

Living with an Abyssinian
The Abyssinian is a delightful breed of cat: intelligent; cheeky; playful; affectionate; active; inquisitive and alert are a few of the words often used to describe Abys. The Abyssinian is very inquisitive and enjoys interaction especially with their owner. Full of life, mischievous and into everything your life will never be the same again. Your Aby will never be able to get enough of you. You will never be able to shut a door, even go to the bathroom without them following you. The Abyssinian is not a cat of solitude, I have heard of an owner who put child locks on cupboards to stop their Aby gaining entrance.

They are a very intelligent cat, and hate being left out of anything. When you are writing they will want to play with your pen, reading the newspaper they will read it with you. When going to bed they will beat you up the stairs, ready and waiting to curl up with you. If you hear a bump in the night the likelihood is your Aby has found something interesting to do, retrieving a toy that they have stashed to play with, onto or in a cupboard or wardrobe. Either that or they've fallen out of your bed!

Sitting down to drink a cup of tea you will have a cat gently headbutting you with affection. The Abyssinian enjoys playing and there is very little that can not be turned into a game if the fancy takes them. When returning from work or a day out your Aby will be there, greeting you in their own talkative way with a trill and a bubble. Following you around the until you fuss them like there is no tomorrow. For loyalty there is not other cat like it!!!!!!

If you have a quiet household and would love a cat that just wanders around and sits in front of the fire……………………….then the Abyssinian is not for you!

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