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Hello and welcome to Rintinaby Abyssinians.

I have had the pleasure of sharing my home with my two Abyssinians for over five years now. Tufty & Smokey have the run of the house and don't they just know it! They get on well together and work as a team to get up to mischief. They came to me as kittens and it is lovely to see how their own individual personalities and characteristics have developed.

From Tufty's first litter I kept Red & Charlie. They have been neutered and are proper little mischief makers!

During this time we have competed in a number of GCCF shows. Keep an eye on my Rintinaby show news page for details of results. Red recently gained her fifth Imperial Certificate. So she is now Imperial Grand Premier Rintinaby Red Herring. I'm very proud of her as she is my first titled cat and she came from my first ever litter. She has done so well to reach the high award of Imperial Grand Premier.

Tufty has been away to stud, she didn't think much of the experience, but he did the deed and she is now expecting kittens mid August.

Watch this space......

Rintinaby Ivy the Terrible - 5 weeks old

Krissi Lundgren has captured this girl beautifully. She was one of Smokey's first litter. She is now having a ball in her new house.

The kittens page has photos of Tufty's first litter and lots of photos of Smokey's first litter.

Come back soon to see my up-dates.

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